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About – Unplugged Influence


Hi, my name is Raphael Mavi and I’m very happy to see you on this site. I founded and started Unplugged Influence in August of 2016 to help new entrepreneurs and established business owners.

Let me give you a quick back story of how this concept has developed. My entrepreneurial journey started at the age of 12 when my family immigrated to US from former Soviet Union.

It was 15 of us living in one apartment and I knew my family came here without a single dollar. On the 7th day on US soil at age 12, I earned my 1st income by helping at the local super market…it was a whopping 35 cents. Between ages 12 and 18 I worked at least 17 jobs while going to school to help my family and have money for play. I was a kid that was addicted to having cash in his pocket. Hustle and dedication is something I’ve learned early on.

Following the traditional advice I went to college after graduating High School so I can land that “secure job with benefits”. I entered the work force at 19 by landing my 1st contract on Wall Street. By 25 I realized that I was meant for something bigger than just getting a paychek, climb the corporate latter and pay bills. I left corporate America for good and went into sales. Direct Sales have provided the skills, education and a platform to coach other entrepreneurs.

young gary vaynerchuk with raphael mavi

In 2009 I met Gary Vaynerchuk at a New York business expo and that short meeting changed the way I looked at business, forever. His book, Crush It, painted a canvas for all my marketing strategies that revolutionized my business practices. Since 2009 I have trained over 2,000 sales professionals and business owners. In 2014 along with two other partners, I started a skincare franchise. July 2016 our partnership has ended and I launched Unplugged Influence.

I created Unplugged Influence in 2016 based on my training methods and what I noticed that was lacking in the leadership space and the marketing world, which is transparency.  

Here is the  “plug” about my experience. Over the last several years I worked with clients in the following industries; telecommunications, skincare, travel, spa/salon, medical professionals, real estate, mortgage brokers, insurance, call centers, car sales and wellness/nutrition. With over 12 years of experience in sales and marketing along with Social Media branding I have built sales teams of over 7,000 people in multiple countries within various industries. Over the course of my career I personally recruited, hired and trained 1,300+ people.  Trained people online and offline on subjects such as sales, leadership, recruiting, client retention, online marketing, branding and motivation. Here are just a few projects I’ve worked on:

  •  Consulted and served on the Board of Advisors to a Florida based skincare company. Also, built a Raphael Mavi filmed for interviewsales team within the company of over 1,500 representatives in 2 countries.
  • Was a Corporate Trainer for Energy Supplier in the deregulated market that is based in Connecticut. Trained a sales force of 600+ people between 7 states.
  • Worked with a New York based Direct Sales company on 5th ave as a trainer and lead 100+ staff members in sales and marketing. Top grossing month was $970,000 in sales.
  • CMO/Founder of a skincare spa franchise with 2 other partners employing 60+ staff members in a 17,000 sq. ft. facility. We were fortunate and blessed to have two TV channels cover our project.

As an entrepreneur I have failed more times than I have succeeded and always took the lessons with me. This experience gives myself and my company a major advantage in the market place by advising new entrepreneurs and current businesses owners what works, what doesn’t and what works best…with marketing, sales and their employees.

Leadership is something I have studied and practiced for many years. My passion and work has been shaped not only by personal experience but also through mentors such as Jim Rohn, Darren Hardy, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, John Maxwell, Ed Terranova, Matt Morris, Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuk, Robert Kiyosaki, Zig Ziglar, and many others.

lewis howes with raphael mavi

With Lewis Howes, NYT Best Seller of School of Greatness

Unplugged Influence came from an idea that all leadership and training should be raw…unplugged. When you aren’t confined by the status quo, by the expectation of the “society’s perception” to lead others but rather come from a place of inspiration and transparent education people respect you more and do more for themselves. Unplugged Influence is designed to inspire not just motivate.

Unplugged Influence is LIFE. It is where leadership happens through transparency.

– Raphael Mavi


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