About Unplugged Influence, Inc.

Unplugged Influence is a training and consulting firm specializing in leadership development, marketing and sales. We solve our clients’ toughest challenges by providing unmatched services with live training, consulting, strategy and digital marketing.

Unplugged Influence, Inc. was launched by the company’s President and Founder, Raphael Mavi. As a business owner himself who was responsible for hiring and training over 200 employees Raphael practices leadership by transparency, a skill he developed in his Direct Sales career prior to running a company. Every department and organization he has built it was ran on the foundation of regularly scheduled training and firm accountability. Raphael believes that leadership, on any level in a company, is best received and executed when practiced via transparency.

Unplugged Influence, Inc. also has a devision that specializes in Digital Marketing covering web development, SEO, Social Media optimization & management, e-commerce, mobile applications and Online Marketing.