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Blog – Unplugged Influence

5 Ways To Increase Sales Today


 Whether you’re a small business, big business or a solopreneur it’s all about one thing; increasing the bottom line. Now for the sake of this article I’m not going to go into how to increase profits. That involves other activities

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3 Major Mistakes Business Owners Make While Running Their Business

unplugged influence

In a world full of statistics and ego business owners are driven by the latter and wish to avoid becoming the first. Did you know that over 60% of businesses fail within 8 years? Now, most will wonder why is

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7 Steps To Gain and Keep Your Employees’ Trust


Running a business that requires you to employ staff is no easy task. You have the right location, you have the right business idea and you equipped your office with all the gadgets and furniture. Now it’s time to find

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